Benz Centre, Cycle & Carriage
Official Caterer and Benz Cafe Operator since 2012

Avalon, MBS  2012
Official Caterer for Opening

Club Butter Factory
Official Caterer 2012 to 2015

SG Formula One
Participated as Food Vendor since 2012

Savour Event  2013/2014
Participated as Guest Chef and Food Vendor

Alpina, BMW 2014
Caterer and Bar Service for Official Opening

Great Eastern Run 2014
Official Caterer and Food Vendor

New Year’s Eve Countdown 2015
Official Caterer and Bar Service at the Marina Barrage, VIP Lounge

Xmas Wonderland 2015/2017/2018
Participated as Food Vendor

Porsche Stutgart, WTA  2015
Official Caterer and Bar Service

Porsche Stutgart Cafe
Official Cafe Food Vendor since 2015

Suvai, Indian Association 2015
Official Bar Services and VIP Lounge

Star Wars 2015
Official Caterer Shaw Theatre

Sing Jazz 2016
VIP Lounge and Food Vendor

Laneway 2016
Participated as Food Vendor

BMW M Festival 2016
Official Caterer and Bar Service

Aston Martin DB-11 2016
Official Caterer

Dining In The City, Gardens By The Bay  2016
Participated as Food Vendor

Christian Dior 2017
Official Caterer for Product Launch at ION and Raffles City

Gastro Beats, MBS 2017
Participated as Food Vendor

Official Opening Cafe Football 2017
Events Coordinator

CF Ability Cup League 2017/ 2018
Event Organiser

Temasek Holdings 2017

Chendol Mudpie Poster

Hospitality Suites for Entertainment & Concerts

Peter Cetera 2014 | Subcrew Event with Vaness Wu 2016 | Bryan Adams 2017 | Superfly 2017 | Armin Van Burren 2017 | Leona Lewis 2012 | MUSE (Kpop) 2015 | Demi Lovato 2015